1920 Born in Kyoto,Naka Country. Ohno Village
1933〜37 Apprenticed to Kyoto Dyeing orchastrator
Learned illustrating, and the Southern School of Chinese Painting
               by correspondence study
1938 Left home to be a painter, lived in Kobe and Yokohama
1940 Joined the Navy in Maizuru and slotted into the accounting dep.
Learned by art book
1942 Converted into oil painting
Joined launching Tsurubi-kai(art society)
1944 Soldiering and ended the World War Uat Hachijo-jima island
1946 Worked for Nihon Transpoet Co.Ltd, Maizuru branch
1947 1st Nikikai Exhibition, won a prize for "Twilight Scene at Poet Maizuru"
Went to Kyoto Kansai Art School, and study under Jyutaro Kuroda
1950 Worked as a crane operater in Kawasaki Shipyard, Kobe
1951 The first exhibition at Nishimaizuru Library, Kyoto
1953 Study under Jiro Yoshihara
1954 Joined launching Gutai Art Association(exhibited from the first show
            to the last show of Gutai)
The 2nd Gendai Exhibition, Osaka
The 4th Modern Art Exhibition(sent until 1970)
1955 Salon des Artistes Independents, Japan, Tokyo
1956 Salon des Artistes Independents, Yomiuri, Tokyo
Exhibition with Tsutomu Hiroi, Yoseido Gallery, Tokyo
1958 New Art World-informel and Gutai-. Osaka
Gutai Exhibition, Martha Jackson, Osaka
The 2nd Asahi Young Artist Exhibition, Osaka
1964 Trend of Japanese Contemporary Art, National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
1966 Solo Exhibition, Gutai Pinacoteka, Osaka
1976 "Ge" Exhibition(sent until 2001)
1982 Solo Exhibition, Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Osaka
1985 Painting Storm Exhibition-Informel, Gutai and Cobra- in 1950's,
             The National Museum of Art, Osaka
1986 Fabric and Threads in Contemporary Art Scene, Spiral Garden, Tokyo
1988 Soli Exhibition, Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Osaka
1989 Yamamura Collection, Hyogo Profectual Museum of Art, Kobe
1990 Japanese Avant-Garde Artists-Gutai in 1950's-
             National Modern Art Museum, Rome
Osaka Triennale '90, My Dome Osaka, Osaka
1992 Self-Selrction of Chiyu Uemae, ABC Gallery, Osaka
1992〜93 Gutai TUV, Ashuya Museum of Art & History, Ashiya
1996 The 10 Years of Avent\Garde Artists-Self metamorphosis and contemporary-
              Itabashi Art Museum, Tokyo
1998 45 Years of Chiyu Uemae, Gallery Kuranuki, Osaka
1999 Soli Exhibition, Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Osaka
Gutai Exhibition, Galerie Nationale du jeu de Paume, Paris
2001 Solo Exhibition(printing), Gallery 1100, New York
Solo Exhibition(stitch), Itami Civic Craft Center, Itami
2002 Asian Paper and Contemporary Art TRANS-EMOTION in Japan
             Fukui City Art Museum, Fukui & Gallery Shikura, Takefu
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