Academic History
1970   Graduated from Nihon University, Department of Science and Engineering 
1975   Graduated from Ecolo National Surperieur Des Beaux-Arts de Paris
Solo Exhibitions
1980   Gallery Tohshin
1982, 85-87
1991, 93
  Ginza Surugadai Gallery
1994, 96, 97   Gallery Center Point (Tokyo)
1999   Gallery U・R・A・N・O (Tokyo)  
2004   MARINE GALLERY (Pusan)
2006   MURAMATSU Gallery
2007   Galerie Verger (Sagamihara)
2011, 14    Gallery HINOKI B・C (Tokyo) 
2013, 15   FUJI Gallery (Osaka)
  KUNUGI Gallery (Tokyo)
Group Exhibition
1977, 78   Salon des Realites Nouvelles (Paris)
1978   Salon comparaisons (Paris), Salon de Mai (Paris)
1981-89, 1992-2004   Exhibition Modern Art Association (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum)
1984   The 18th Exhibition Art Actual (Osaka, Fukuoka, Aomori)
1987, 88   Exhibition Yellow Picture (Nerima Citizen Gallery, Tokyo)
1991, 92   Exhibition Exchange Seoul, Tokyo (Tokyo, Seoul)
1994-2000, 2002   Contemporary Art Festival (Saitama Prefectural Modern Art Museum)
1994-2000   Exhibition C.A.P.P.I.N.G. (Pusan, Ulsan, Shanghai, Yokohama, Tokyo)
2000   Pusan International Contemporary Art Festival (Pusan)
2001   Iceland Japan Contemporary Art Exhibition (O museum, Tokyo)
2001-03   Grands et Jeunes d'Aujour d'hui (Paris)
2002, 03, 05   Korea International Contemporary Art Festival (Pusan, Seoul)
2002-04   Contemporary Artists Exhibition from Japan (Zainul Gallery, Dhaka)
2003   Exhibition of painting by four Japanese (Blue Space Gallery, Ho Chi Minh)
2004-06   China International Gallery Exposition (Beijing)
2004   "The Eye of the Orient the Hand of Memories" from Okinawa, (Kunigami Village)
2004,05   C.A.F. Nebula (Saitama Prefectural Modern Art Museum)
2005   「Wind from East Asia - Contemporary Art Exhibition」 (Pusan, Tokyo, Shanghai)
2006   Salon des Realites Nouvelles (Paris)
  Art Shanghai (Shanghai, China)
2007   C.A.F. Nebula (Shimane Art Museum)
  BRIDGE 2007 Exhibition (AKKO ART GALLERY (Bangkok)
  In the Light of Romania, Gallery YUME (Tokyo)
  Four-man Exhibition, Gallery Artist Space (Tokyo)
  Verger Exhibition (Galerie Verger, Sagamihara)
2010   Five Artists Exhibition (Atelier K/Yokohama)
2011    Exhibition of SUMI」 (Gallery SHIMON・Tokyo)
2012   C.A.F.Nebula in KUMAMOTO 2012 (Kumamoto Prefectural Art Museum) 
2013   OOTA Biennale 2013 (Oota City Study Cultural Center)
  Jubilee Exhibition 「ARTE COONTEMPORANEO DEL JAPON」 400 years cooperation
  C.A.F.Nebula in Sendai (SENDAI MediaPark/Sendai City)
2014    Exhibition 「Entertainment」 (Gallery SHIMON/Tokyo)
  Exhibition SHIBUYA Nobuyuki・HIRATSUKA Ryoichi (FUJI Gallery Osaka)
  Exhibition Armenian・Japanese Contemporary art (Yerevan, Gyumri/ARMENIA) 
2015    Contemporary painting SHIRIUS 2015 (Gallery AKATSUKI/Tokyo)
  Exhibition WHITE & BLACK (Gallery KAZE/Tokyo)
  The 5th International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Art Islands in TOKYO 2015
  (Izu Oshima/Tokyo)

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