INOEUE Shigeko

Brief Record
Born in Tokyo, Japan
Graduated from MUSASHINO Art University
Solo Exhibitions
1989 Gallery VIVAN, Ginza/Tokyo
1991 Gallery VIVAN, Gina
1992 Kobo, Ginza
1993 Kobo, Ginza
1994 Gallery BROCHEN, Musashikoganei
AM Art Gallery, Sapporo/Hokkaido
1995 Kobo, Ginza
1996 Kaneko Art, Ginza
Kobo, Ginza
1997 Moris Gallery, Ginza
1998 Kobo, Ginza
1999 Kaneko Art, Ginza
2000 Spica Art, Aoyama/Tokyo
2001 Kobo, Ginza
2002 Spica Art, Aoyama
2003 Kaneko Art, Ginza
Gallery YUME, Mitaka/Tokyo
2004 Gallery AO, Kobe/Kyougo Pref.
Space 88, Kunitachi/Tokyo
2005 Spica Art, Aoyama
2006 Piga Gallery, Aoyama
2007 Kaneko Art, Kyobashi/Tokyo
2008 Kobo, Ginza
2010 Gallery AMANO, Kobutizawa/Yamanashi Pref.
Gallery YUME, Mitaka
2011 Kobo, Ginza
2012 Gallery AMANO, Kobutizawa/Yamanashi Pref.
2013 Kobo, Ginza
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