Active Membership
1964 International Association of Art: Member (UNESCO)
1959- The Japan Art Association: Member
Former Membership
1964-1970 The Kodo Art Association: Member (Jury)
1957-1970 The Sozo Art Association: Member (The Exhibition Committee & Jury)
1958-1966 The Fine Art Society of Ashiya City: Member
1959-1965 The Fine Art Society of Mino City: Member (Secretary of Exhibition & Public Relations)
1962-1966 The Mural Painters Group: Member
1956-1964 Numerous awards from art associations and cities in Japan, including Sozo Arts, Kodo Arts,
Amagasaiki City Arts, Ashiya City Arts, Shell Arts, etc.
1983 The 6th Hawaii National Prints Exhibition (purchasing award)
1985 The Five Towns Arts Exhibition (Sharon & & Douglas Award)
The Nepenthe Mundi Society, The Emerald City International All Arts Exhibition (first place)
1986 The 8th Long Beach Museum Arts Exhibition (2nd prize)
1986-87 The Nepenthe Mundi Society (second place)
1987 The Emerald City, International Classic-VI Professional Prints Exhibition (first place)
1989 The Clemson University National Print & Drawing Exhibition (purchasing award)
Numerous other awards and prizes have been received.
Kyu Ikaruga-Gosyo, Kado Ikarugaryu Inemoto Nisei, Mr. Ken Uda, Japan
(Former Imperial Palace Ikarga)
Osaka Gas Company (Osaka, Japan), Kobe City Child Welfare Hall (Hyogo, Japan),
Hori Hospital (Hokkaido, Japan)
Cincinnati Art Museum (Hamilton, Ohio), Museum of Hawaii Academy (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Clemson University, Rudolph E. Gallery (Clemson, South Carolina)
Independent Exhibition
1956, 58 Hakuhoo Gallery (Osaka, Japan)
1959 Cannaru Gallery (Osaka, Japan)
1963 Hakuraku Gallery (Osaka, Japan)
1963, 64 Bungei-Shinju Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
1964 Gallery 16 (Kyoto, Japan), Toko Gallery (Osaka, Japan)
1965 Umeda Gallery (Osaka, Japan), The Bank of Tokyo (New York, New York)
1966 Alitalia Airlines, (5th Avenue, New York, New York)
1971, 73 Omega House Gallery (New York, New York)
Other Exhibition
1955-1964 Exhibited on numerous occasions in Japan including Fine Art Society of Amagasaki City Exhibition (Hyogo), Fine Art Society of Ashiya City Exhibition (Hyogo), Sozo Arts Exhibition (Osaka), Kodo Arts Exhibition (Osaka), Kodo All Japan Arts Exhibition (Tokyo), Fine Art Society of Minoo City Arts Exhibition (Osaka), Asahi Press Exhibition (Osaka), Kobe Press Exhibition (Kobe), Shell All Japan Exhibition (Tokyo), Mural Painting Exhibition (Osaka), Exhibition of Group Espoir (Tokyo)
1965-1974 L.I. Jewish Society Festival Arts Show (L.I. New York), Butler Institute of American Arts Mid-Year Exhibition (Youngstown, Ohio), Chelsea Art Festival (New York, New York), Rhode Island Arts Festival Exhibition (Rhode Island), Urban Expression '73 Arts Exhibition (New York),
1975-1984 Exhibition of Contemporary Prints (Osaka), Contemporary Japanese Prints Exhibition (New York), Group Exhibition of Prints by Favorist Artists of the Gallery (New York), Contemporary Print Exhibition (New York), Japan Dynasty '83 A Contemporary Japanese Viewpoint Exhibition (Philadelphia), Japan Exhibition, supported by Japan Society (New York)
1985-1990 Five Towns Arts Exhibition (L.I., New York), New York L.T. Artists Arts Exhibition (New York), Nepenthe Mundi Society, Emerald City Classic International All Arts Exhibition (Kansas), Modern Japanese Abstract Exhibition (Garden City, New York), 7th & 8th Long Beach City Art Museum Arts Exhibition (New York), Prints Show by Favorist Artist of the Bonin Gallery (New York), Bradley National Arts Exhibition (Peoria, Illinois), National Congress Art & Design Exhibition (Utah), National Works on Paper Competition '88 (New York), Clemson National Print & Drawing Exhibition (Clemson, South Carolina), Graham Horstman Gallery Printed Image Arts Exhibition (Denton, Texas)
June 2006 Passed away in New York
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