■Graduated from Kyoto City University of rts

■Solo Exhibitions
Exhibited more than 10 times in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.
Gallery YUME, Tokyo (2008

■Public Exhibitions
Kyoto Museum of Art, Hyogo Modern Art Museum, Musee Lausanne, etc.

■Group Exhibitions
AUF Exhibition (1993-2004) 
Okinawa・Japan・Korea Cultural Exchange Exhibition (1992-2007)


Mural, Kyoto University, Kyoto
Tapestry, ANA Rinku Town Building, Osaka
Tapestry, Rega Royal Hotel, Aichi
Tapestry, Dojyoji Country Club House, Wakayama
Tapestry, Miyako Concert Hall, Osaka
Fence decoration, Gallery YUME, Tokyo
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