Voice and visual artist 

Ami YAMASAKI is a vovalist and cross-madia artist from Tokyo. She creates installation, perfoamance pieces and directs films. With primal vocals and movement, Yamasaki explores the relationship between us and our universe.
YAMASAKI has invited to Royal MelbourneInstitute of Technology and Aomori contemporary Art center in 2013.

   Brief Biography    
 1977 Born in Ehime. Japan
 1999 Graduated from Ehime University(sociology)
 2011 "voices-feather composition-"
            Proteus Gowanus and Reanimation Library, NYC, U.S
 2012 Trans Art Tokyo presents "Burning Shadow of a Man" directed by Yasunori Ikunishi
            Kanda Community Art Centre Oranizing Committee, Tokyo, Japan
 2013 The Quiet Addition to The Sonic City and BLINDSIDE Sound Series "a day, unsung"
(invited by Royal Melbourne Institude of Technology)
            BLINDSIDE, Melbourne, Australia
 2013  "Exchange-Planting the seed"
           The Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Aomori, Japan
 2014-2015 Tokyo EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL - SOUND, ART & PERFORMANCE Vol. 9 "till a quiet room sings," Tokyo Wonder Site
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