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ICHIKAWA Yoko Exhibition 
December 1, 2018 (Sat.) ~ December 16, 2018 (Sun.)

12:00~19:00 Closed on Thursdays
 Last day till 17:00

 Fifteen to 20 works of painting, mixed media,
drawing and copperplate print will be displayed.

2018 (water crayon, gouache)     1996-2018(cray, paper, etc.)

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NEW YEAR Art Collection 2019 
January 12, 2019 (Sat.) ~ January 27, 2019 (Sun.)

12:00~19:00 Closed on Thursdays
 Last day till 16:00

 Gallery YUME will begin a new year with NEW YEAR Art Collection 2019,
at both Gallery YUME and Gallery YUME's Tsuzuki (annex),
showing the artworks of 90 artists from a wide variety of genre
including paintings, prints, glasses, sculpture, etc.,
with different sizes at affordable price range. 
It will be a great opportunity for you to find something suitable
as gifts for your friends or collections of your own interest.

  Exhibition scenery from the 2018 NEW YEAR Art Collection

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