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            Updated: April 9, 2024


OPEN 12:00-19:00
Closed on Thursdays
TEL: 0422-47-5241

The Gallery YUME opened its door in January 1993,
in the south of 5-min. walking from Mitaka Station of the JR Chuo Line.
The gallery has been one of the very few galleries in Mitaka
that present contemporary works of high quality and excellent taste.
The works of the artists who’re active both in Japan and abroad are being displayed and on sale
including paintings, prints, glassware, granite and wooden sculpture, and so on.

You may enjoy dropping by when you’re out shopping
as it
is just like a friendly art gallery in your neighborhood.
You also find they are offered at reasonable price range. 

Looking forward to seeing you! 

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GON Shinji Exhibition

April 6, 2024 (Sat.) ~ April 21, 2024 (Sun.)

1200 ~ 1900(Closed on Thursdays)  *Last day till 17:00

 Any organic materials which are composed alive have distinctive faces
depending on the tree species, environment or the part of tree.
While working, I have been appreciating joy and sadness as well.
I elevate them beautifully, I carve them into beautiful shapes,
which I believe is how to get involved in as sculptor.
I would like to give these beauties as presents to the human society
that has been disconnected from the natural world.  


Having said that, trees and shrubs are to be pushed to make another effort
as if they end their lives to make the earth the best condition and
maintain it so by cleansing the air, controlling temperature, humidity and
the amount of water so that the living creatures are able to live. 
I only hope we would recognize the foolishness of ourselves,
be ashamed of it and change it for better.
                        (GON Shinji)

    Works of "Camellia" and others will be exhibited.

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2024 Schedule

Mitaka-shi Shimorenjaku 4-15-2-101 Tokyo Japan
TEL 0422-47-5241
FAX 0422-47-5241

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