HORIO Sadaharu

 HORIO Sadaharu
1939  Born in Kobe, Japan
1957  The 10th Ashiya Municipal Art Exhibition
  (participates every year thereafter)
1963  Hyogo Prefectural Art Exhibition, Governor's Prize
1964〜91  Kyoto Independent Exhibition (participates every year thereafter)
1975  Studied in Paris
1981  Art Now '70〜'80 WATER BAG&Stick, Prefectural Museum of Modern Art,
1982   Art Theater, The Future Museum, Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, Hyogo
  Expansion of Perception, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art
1985  Ordinary Things, Osaka
  Solo Exhibition, Art Space Niji, Kyoto (exhibits every year thereafter)
1986  Crossing '86 JAPAN-HAWAII, Oafu Island, Honolulu
1987  The 20th series of Today's Artists, Osaka Contemporary Art Center
  DAY・BY・DAY, The Series of Today's Artists, Osaka Contemporary Art Center
1988   Exh. From One Thing to Another Thing, a Message from Japan,
  P &P Gallery, Seoul
1989  Exh. Sumi Art - The World of Chinese Ink, Box; Corner; Sumi; Seibu Hall, Otsu
1990  Three-man Exhibition Hyogo's Abstract Artists (T. Tanaka, T. Yoshimi, S. Horio)
1992  Artists of Gutai Art Association, Miyagi Prefectural Museum
1993   The 1st Rokko Island (FW・F・O・A・P Exhibition)
1994  Tannan Art Festival , "Adding Up Sounds"
  Exchange Meeting at Takayanagi Village, Toyooka
1995  One-man Exhibition, Sceneries of Great Earthquake Disaster, Kobe, Takefu,
1996  Ordinary Things, Osaka
2000  Ordinary Things, "Shinshutsu Kibotsu" (Gods-in, Devils), 
  Gotenyama Art Center, Osaka 
2001   Ordinary Things, "Back to Zero", Nanorium, Fuji Yoshida, Yamanashi
2002   HORIO Sadaharu, Ordinary Things, Ashiya City Museum of Art and History,
  Performance of consecutive 38 days
2003   Future Vision, My Own Life Theatre, Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, Hyogo
2004   mACHI gA mUSEUM (Town is a Museum) '2004, Fuji Yoshida, Yamanashi
2005   Yokohama Triennial, Performance of consecutive 82 days
2006   "My Rule"、Borderless Gallery, NO-MA, Oumi Hachiman
2007   Responding Mind, Carlton University, Ottawa, Canadaオタワ
2008   Gathering of Plastic Arts、Meishin Elementary School, Hyogo
2009   In Finitum Palazzo Fortuny, Venice/Venice, Italy
 2010   The 18th International Tannan/Echizen City Hall Art Festival
 2011   Frankfurter Positionen ATARIMAE-NO-KOTO/Frankfurt, Germany
 2012   Explosion-Painting As Action, Stockholm
 *Exhibits in several solo or group exhibitions every year mainly in Kobe, Osaka,
   and Kyoto
 2013   GUTAI: "Splendid Playground" opening performance,
     Guggenheim Museum/NY
    "TAPIES: The eye of the artist, Palazao Fortuny/Venice, Italy
 2014   Things Taken for Granted BB Plaza/Kobe
 2015  Axel Vervoordt Gallery, Hong Kong
 Art Brussels (performance), Brussels (solo space curated by Axel Vervoordt Gallery)
 Gallery YUME, Tokyo
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